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Top 5 Beers to Pair with Your BBQ

When you’re enjoying BBQ at Q Smokehouse, the only 6 pack you should be worrying about is the one that requires a bottle opener. Nothing is more satisfying than finding the perfect beer to pair with any of our meat options. Whether you’re a fan of a classic India Pale Ale, or steer away from powerful hops, these are the best beer and BBQ pairings at Q Smokehouse.

1. St. Louis Style Spare Ribs - Stella Artois

Our St. Louis Style Spare Ribs are a customer favorite, and putting it together with a classic pilsner lager like Stella Artois helps to balance the spiced ribs. The lighter, crisper flavor of Stella is a refreshing way to enjoy the ribs. The smoky flavor of the ribs is amplified with every sip!

2. Half Pound Pork Plate - Shiner Bock

Any of our malt beers like our Shiner Bock pairs perfectly with our Half Pound Pork Plate. It has a toasted flavor with just the slightest hint of citrus that balances the rich slow-smoked flavor of our pork plate. When topped with our sweet, fire or Q’riginal BBQ sauce, Shiner Bock catches the unique blend of spices to make for a delicious duo.

3. Hot Hen Sandwich - Angel City Brewery IPA

Angel City Brewery IPA is big and bold, just like our hot hen sandwich. It is medium-bodied with a copper hue and enough hops to excite your taste buds. When paired together, the IPA brings out the rich flavors from the smoked cheddar and jalapenos to Q’s hot sauce.

4. Q Smokehouse Wings - 805 Firestone Blonde Ale

Everyone loves classic buffalo wings, but as most wing-lovers know, it is important to pair it with a blonde ale like 805 Firestone to balance the rich flavors. Known to go well with any type of meat, the 805 is a light, refreshing and versatile beer.

5. Half Pound Brisket Plate - Lagunitas IPA

Go big or go home with this pairing. The Lagunitas IPA is known for the caramel malt barley inside that helps to mellow out its hoppiness, but when paired with our brisket plate, there is nothing mellow about it! The caramelized layer of our brisket comes to life when the flavors play on each other leaving you with a delicious smoky, yet sweet flavor.

Can you handle your beer as well as your BBQ? Tell us your favorite pairing in the comments below.

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