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What is Q?

Our new restaurant Q Smokehouse will be opening at 300 South Pine Drive on March 29, formerly the location of the Famous Dave’s BBQ restaurant. Inspired by the BBQ flavors of the South, Q Smokehouse aims to bring flavorful, quality BBQ with a healthy flair to Long Beach, while adding a fun, energetic destination to The Pike area.

“People go to a BBQ to have a good time. It’s a fun food to eat. You get messy. It breaks down barriers, you take down your guard a bit,” said Owner Kurt Schneiter. “In the South, the food is simple, and it is all about flavor. We’re bringing that great traditional BBQ flavor here in a healthier way. There’s no reason that you can’t eat meat and do it in a healthy way. We don’t use MSG in our products, and we offer gluten-free options unlike many other BBQ restaurants.”

We are making a unique name for ourselves characterized by a tongue-in-cheek attitude - think shirts and signs like “If it ain’t smokin’, we ain’t open” and “BBQ: It’s our superpower.” The restaurant will also feature a “Q Wall,” announcing extremely limited-edition specials that may only be there for part of the day (good till gone), and a smoker “the size of a small Volkswagen” churning out fresh, tasty meat.

“There’s nothing better than when you show up at a restaurant in the south when the tri-tip comes out of the smoker or the cobbler just got done being baked. At that moment, it’s the best it’s ever going to be; it tastes the best,” said Schneiter. “So if we can post on social media that at 7:00 pm a special is coming out of the oven, and you reserve your spot, you get a better experience since fresh out of the oven is as good as it gets..”

But Q Smokehouse isn’t only for the meat-lover.

“We have a section of the menu called “Vegetarians Last Stand.” Just because we are a meat lovers restaurant doesn’t mean we don’t care about vegetarians - “We believe that everyone deserves a little bit of love, and want to make sure that people who don’t want to eat meat at that meal - or ever - have something they can enjoy. We are going to have some great options for them such as delicious jackfruit sliders that taste very similar to pulled pork sliders. We want non-meat eaters to feel just as welcome as that carnivor they are married to.

“With the new high- and mid-rise buildings, thousands of people are going to call Downtown home in the next few years, and they are going to be in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s,” said Schneiter. “And that’s who Q is for. It’s fun, it’s exciting and it’s quality food and drinks. Those things don’t have to be mutually exclusive.”

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