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When BBQ Offers a Vegetarian Section, The Results are Delicious

Updated: May 5, 2018

New and locally owned/operated BBQ restaurant, Q Smokehouse, is redefining the relationship between BBQ and vegetarian dishes. Find out why we think every BBQ restaurant should offer a section for vegetarians.

A vegetarian section on the menu at a BBQ restaurant might seem like the ultimate paradox. BBQ joints often praise and worship those who “eat meat,” treating herbivore’s taste buds like 2nd class! But, what if it was possible to maintain the integrity and flavors of authentic, delicious BBQ in the vegetarian options we provide? Enter Q Smokehouse’s new, exciting “Vegetarian’s Last Stand” section of the menu.

This carefully crafted vegetarian section speaks to those who love the rich flavors of BBQ, but would rather skip the meat. Curated by in-house chefs, the “Vegetarian’s Last Stand” section with three delicious menu items brings the spice, flavor, and smokiness from Q’s Meat Menu, with a few key vegetarian-conscious twists!

Our Meat Menu is made with the highest quality ingredients and proteins from the ribs to our chicken and brisket. That same quality carries over to the three vegetarian items on the menu.

So no more arguing. Meat lovers and vegetarians unite! At Q Smokehouse, if it ain’t smokin’, we ain’t open… but that doesn’t mean we can’t smoke a little somethin’ for every dietary need. Get in now to try one of these exciting items from our ever-evolving “Vegetarian’s Last Stand” menu!

Here are the Vegetarians Last Stand Menu Items to try:

Option #1: Faux “Pork” Sliders

What is it? (3) smoked, pulled jackfruit sliders topped with coleslaw, pickled onions, white BBQ sauce, and Q’s hot sauce. Choose your vegetarian-friendly side(see below).

Option #2: Q’s Kick’N Salad

What is it? Crisp assorted greens, mixed veggies, tomatoes, smoked cheddar, homemade cornbread croutons and tossed in Q’s special dressing. Top this bad boy with smoked, pulled jackfruit if you’re feeling adventurous.

Option #3: Roasted Veggie Tacos

What is it? Roasted mushrooms, corn, red and poblano peppers, spicy beans topped with pico de gallo and jalapenos. Drizzled with white BBQ sauce and a sprinkle of cilantro. It comes with your choice of side.

A BBQ spot that caters and cares about vegetarians? Not status quo, but neither is Q. No MSG, no gluten, no problem. Q Smokehouse is here to show what BBQ can be. And BBQ can be healthy! So round-up the herbivores in your life and head to Q. Finally, there’s a seat at the smokehouse table for everyone!

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